man-871960_640If any body understands the relationship between technology, security and the internet, then that person is Steve Buringtong. Steve is a self made voice in the blogosphere. His voice is very loud in this overcrowded arena. Majorly because his articles are not wordy or full of tech jargon. He writes as a common everyday guy to another common everyday guy. Which is rare in a field where a mixer of figures and numbers are supposed to make sense.

Steve’s passion for anything internet and technological stems from pure passion and a desperate need. A need to understand the inner working of a field that is elitist and discriminatory to anyone who is not a post graduate degree holder of a tech degree. Steve has stamped his position in this field. His followers on social media and the mammoth traffic to his blog page is enough testament to this. If you are looking for information about the internet that is easy to read and understand, then, welcome aboard.