How earth magnets are used in numerous commercial applications

mri-782457_640Technology is changing and now different nations are turning to use earth magnets for various commercial use. To make this possible neodymium disc magnet is the one, which is used; it has replaced ferrite and alnico magnets in several myriad applications in the current technology where permanent strong magnets are needed. This is mainly because they have greater strength, which allows lighter, smaller magnets to be used for a given application.

Neodymium disc magnet has enable earth magnets to be used in numerous commercial and personal applications and they include:

Defense and Aerospace

Earth magnets are indispensable in several electronic, magnetic and optical application. They are used for resolution and lasers technologies. Most of these technologies are important to modern aerospace systems.

Health care

Thanks to quality neodymium disc magnets, earth magnet have led to evolution of medical and health technology. They result to production of powerful magnetic field, which is used in devices like medical imaging such as MRI that enables physicians to easily diagnose diseases that would otherwise be difficult to detect.

Clean energy

Earth magnets are mostly used in advanced energy technologies such as energy efficient lights, electric car batteries and wind turbines, thereby help in reducing carbon IV oxide. Neodymium disc magnet is very important to the new energy technologies.


Presence of earth magnets has enable lighter, smaller and faster products like computer hard drive and mobile phones to function with ease. They have allowed color to display more vividly in computers, televisions, and other devices.

Vehicles and transportation

Earth magnets have several uses in automobiles, especially with the new vehicles that have been designed to consume less energy. They are used in electric cars and in batteries, which help electric vehicles to power it. Neodymium disc magnet is also found in car’s catalytic converters that help in reducing poisonous air pollutants.

Because of their electrochemical properties, luminescent, unique magnetic properties, neodymium disc magnet has help in making different technologies to perform with minimal emissions, energy consumption and weight, and give out greater performance, efficiency, speed, miniaturization, thermal stability and durability.

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